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The best Egyptian cinema films that embodied true stories (Part 2)

In this article, we will continue to review with you the most prominent Egyptian films quoted from foreign films. You can refer to the previous part here:

Dancer and politician

The film discussed the life story of the dancer “Sonia Selim” since she was a poor orphan girl, her miserable life with her addicted husband, and her tendency to dance until she became a famous dancer and movie star. The film dealt with her relationship with senior politicians, including a senior official named “Khaled Madkour,” only to discover after many years that he had become a well-known minister whose real name is “Abdul Hamid Raafat.” Sonia begins writing her memoirs, panicking about the officials who were with her. And the Minister intervenes to force her to stop writing for fear of being exposed.

The film stars Nabila Obeid, Salah Kabil, and Mostafa Metwally. It is taken from a true story, and despite the keenness of the work makers not to address the real Minister’s personality, some sources have revealed that Habib Al-Adly, the former Minister of the Interior, is the intended person.

Third man

The film touched on the story of Major Pilot Kamal Sherif Hassan. He was dismissed from the Egyptian Armed Forces after he committed a grave mistake that killed his colleague during the October 73 war. This caused his psychological collapse, especially after his differences with his wife, who deserted him and asked for a divorce, increased. Kamal joins the helicopter company that serves petroleum companies. Kamal’s life is upended when he meets businessman Rostom El-Sharqawi, who asks him to help him smuggle drugs on the plane he works on. But “Kamal” informs the police, who agrees with him to keep up, and indeed the police can seize the drugs, and the businessman and his gang are arrested.

The film stars Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Hamida and Raghda. It is based on a true story of a heroin trafficking gang, which devised an unfamiliar way to smuggle their goods by air, to avoid customs inspections and Coast Guard attacks.

Woman and cleaver

In the film, we follow the story of a widow named “Souad Qassem” who meets “Mahmoud Alwan”, who claims to be the director of the Prime Minister’s office, so she admires him and marries him, so that the other side of him is revealed. It becomes clear to her that he is a swindler after he seized her money and jewelry and sold her apartment. He is also gay and sadistic in his sexual practices. Yet she continues to live with him, hoping to get back what he stole from her. When Mahmoud is chased by the police for his fraud, he goes into hiding with his wife and teenage daughter, Madiha. He sexually assaults the girl, so Souad drugged him, killed him, and cut his body with a cleaver. To be arrested and brought to trial. While the lawyers who were chasing “Mahmoud” on behalf of his victims rushed to defend her for free, however, the court sentenced her to 15 years in prison.

The film stars Nabila Obeid, Abu Bakr Ezzat and Majed Al-Masry. It is based on a true story that took place in the city of Alexandria in 1989, and sparked a great controversy in the Egyptian street at the time.

His Excellency

The film follows the story of Raafat Rostom, who is chosen to be a minister by mistake, due to the similarity of his name to another person. He succeeds in staying in office for a long time. Being a corrupt person, he illegally profited from his job, smuggled his money abroad, and had sexual relations with several women. To be punished for his actions in the form of horrific nightmares, which he could not get rid of. Attia, his office manager, suggests that he visit a psychiatrist. Raafat fears that his case will be exposed. He asks Attia to go instead, and he is forced to reveal his secrets to him, but Atiyah turns himself into a new nightmare.

The film stars Ahmed Zaki, Yousra, Lebleba and Hisham Abdel Hamid. It is based on a true story that occurred during the era of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. One of his governments chose a minister by mistake. This Minister remained in his position until the January revolution, and was known as the “Minister of Coincidence”. Dr. Jaber Asfour, former Minister of Culture, stated that the story’s true hero is Dr. Hani Helal, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Ahmed Nazif’s government.


The film tells the story of “Taher Abd al-Hayy Suleiman” or “Tito”, who is a street child and has been thievery since his childhood, which led to his entry into the reformatory. After his release, he works for a person who assumes the name “Ramzi” while he is a corrupt police officer named “Rifaat al-Sukari”. After making a fortune, Tito decides to start a new life away from crime and theft. Ramzy returns to ask Tito for a last operation to get rid of a rival officer who wants to trap him, but Tito refuses to participate with him, so the corrupt policeman decides to destroy his life in all ways, so that he plots a cunning ploy to kill him, for fear of exposure.

The film stars Ahmed El Sakka, Amr Waked, Khaled Saleh and Hanan Turk. It is based on real stories presented by the journalist Mofeed Fawzy in the “Hadith Al-Madina” program.

Al Jazeera

The latest film revolved around “Mansour El Hefny,” who becomes the chief of the island, succeeding his father, “Ali El Hefny,” and takes over the drug trade after him, which causes enmity among the island’s largest families. All this in agreement with the police officer “Rushdi”, who facilitated the sale of drugs and weapons to him, in exchange for handing over the terrorists hiding on the island. Mansour avenges Al-Najaha and regains his son from Karima. He declares his control of the island, but is arrested after the Ministry of Interior sends a new officer named Tariq, who could not agree with Mansour.

The film stars Ahmed El-Sakka, Hend Sabry, Khaled El-Sawy and Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni. It is based on a true story whose hero is “Ezzat Hanafi” who helped the government eliminate terrorists, and took advantage of his relationship with the government in the drug trade. He and his gang overtook 280 acres in Nakhila Island in Asiut, they planted it with drugs, until he was arrested in 2004 to be executed in 2006

The Ripper

The film tells the story of “Murad”, a young man from a very rich aristocratic family, but a broken family. Therefore, “Murad” feels lonely and neglected, and finds that the only solution to draw his family’s attention to him is to disobey their orders and commit crimes that started small but increased in strength and violence with the passage of time. Until “Murad” became brutal and his crimes became more bloody. Until he meets “Rima” and falls in love with her, and decides to change his life and tries to get a large amount of money to establish a new life with his lover, so he begins to carry out his latest crimes, but he is arrested and sentenced to death.

The film stars Hani Salama, Nicole Saba and Khaled El-Sawy. It is based on a true story that took place in 1991, and its hero is “Ahmed Helmy El-Mesiri”, nicknamed the “Butcher of the Engineers”, who broke into an apartment to rob it and killed the maid, the owners of the house, the property guard and a neighbor. He was arrested in 1994 and executed in 2009.


The film showed the stories of 3 women from different backgrounds who were subjected to sexual harassment. The first is called “Saba”, a wealthy woman who is subjected to mass harassment in Cairo Stadium, which led her to form an association to teach women to defend themselves against harassment. The second is “Nelly”, a middle-class girl who is harassed while walking in the street. She manages to catch the harasser and insists on making a report despite the rejection of her family and the family of her fiancé for fear of society’s view of her. The third is “Fayza”, a poor woman who is harassed on the bus on a daily basis, which affects her in a bad psychological state that makes her refuse to be approached by her husband.

The film stars Nelly Karim, Bushra, Majed El-Kadwany, and Nahed El Sebaei. It is based on true stories that happened to a number of girls who were sexually harassed, including the first girl in Egypt to file a police report against a young man who assaulted her.


The film depicted the suffering of Asmaa, who suffers from cholecystitis and needs surgery to eradicate it. However, her HIV infection prevents doctors or hospitals from agreeing to perform the surgery, for fear of transmitting the virus to others. Asmaa is forced to hide her illness from the people closest to her and begins alone in confronting the society that accused her of honoring her, thinking that she had contracted the infection because of her misbehavior, and it became more cruel to her than the disease itself. She joins the AIDS Patients Association, turns to the media and is forced to appear on a talk show to solve her problem.

The film stars Hend Sabry, Mohamed Adel and Majed El-Kadwany. It is based on a true story of a woman who was infected with AIDS through her husband. However, the real heroine died before the gallbladder operation was performed, and she did not appear on television with her face.

Al Maslaha

The film revolves around the officer “Hamza Abu Al-Ezz” whose brother, the young officer “Yahya” was killed by the reckless young man “Suleiman Al-Muslimi” who was smuggled by his brother, the drug dealer, “Salim Al-Muslimi” after he was sentenced to death. Hamza seeks to arrest Salem while receiving the new drug shipment, so he tricks him into revealing the drug cache and Suleiman’s hiding place. Salem rushes to get his brother out of the hideout, but he falls into the ambush set by Hamza, and gets caught red-handed, while Hamza kills Suleiman in revenge for his brother. 

The film stars Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Ezz, Salah Abdullah, Hanan Turk, Zina and Kinda Alloush. It is based on a true story that actually happened in Sinai in 2010.

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