Stealing or adaptation?!.. Egyptian films you would never guess were taken from foreign films (Part 2)

In this article, we will continue to review with you the most prominent Egyptian films quoted from foreign films. You can refer to the previous part here:

Naama Bay 2007

Naama Bay is based on the 1991 American movie Sleeping With The Enemy. The story of the two films revolves around a woman suffering from persecution by her husband. Hence, she decides to run away from him, but he finds her, with a slight difference at the end of the film. in self-defense. While in the Egyptian version, starring Ghada Adel, the husband is the one who breaks his death and is arrested in the end. The events revolve around “Jana,” who lives in Greece with her husband, the businessman “Shaher,” who is sick with jealousy and love of possession and suffers from his bad treatment of her and his control over her. One night, the couple goes on a cruise when a severe storm hits, and Shaher drowns in the sea. Jana is relieved and travels to Sharm El-Sheikh, where she gets to know Omar and develops a romantic relationship. However, Jana feels the presence of her husband around her, so she asks a friend of hers to obtain his death certificate, only to discover that Shaher is alive and is wanted in 4 countries. Meanwhile, Shaher goes to retrieve Jana, only to be arrested.

Morgan Ahmed Morgan 2007

Marjan Ahmed Morgan is an adaptation of the 1986 American movie Back To School. The Egyptian version of the movie starring Adel Imam, who plays the role of “Morgan,” the millionaire businessman, who can buy everything he wants with his money, but he discovers that not obtaining a university degree has caused his children embarrassment and a feeling of inferiority, so the father decides to enroll in the same university where his children study. The personality of a businessman who always seeks financial gain dominates “Morgan,” as he participates in many activities and concludes deals for investment projects on the university campus. To begin a long series of comical paradoxes between “Morgan” and his colleagues and university professors. In the American version, the businessman was upset when his son wanted to leave the university, so the father tries to convince him of the importance of university studies, especially since he was denied it before, and seeks to encourage him by entering the same university.

Cheif Omar Harb 2008

Cheif Omar Harb’s movie is based on the 1997 American movie The Devil’s Advocate. The events of the foreign version revolve around a young lawyer who has not lost a case in which he worked and receives a proposal to work in the largest law firm. He accepts the job and becomes rich, only to discover that the institution’s owner is the devil. In the Egyptian version, we find Khaled, a young man who works in a gambling casino and seeks to raise money to achieve his dreams. Still, he collides with President Omar Harb, who controls everything related to the casino to serve his personal interests, and controls the employees and gamblers alike. Khaled is surprised by his manager’s extraordinary abilities, such as his ability to control the roulette game, only to discover that he is dealing with the devil. It is worth noting that the film stars Khaled Saleh and Hani Salama.

Sorry for the inconvenience 2008

Sorry for the inconvenience is based on the 2001 American movie A Beautiful Mind 2001. The two versions are similar in that the two heroes, Russell Crowe and Ahmed Helmy, suffer from schizophrenia, accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoia or paranoia. The hero of the foreign version thinks that he is being chased by Russian agents, which leads him to write letters to the FBI and several government agencies, informing them of foreign plots against the state. As for “Hassan,” the hero of the Egyptian version, who works as an aviation engineer, he believes that he is subjected to conspiracy and persecution from those around him, so he begins to write to the President of the Republic, complaining about this persecution, and telling him the idea of the project he came up with to rationalize and develop aircraft fuel consumption.

Take off 2009

Take Off is based on the 2000 American movie Bedazzled. The main idea of the two films revolves around the exploitation of the seven wishes that the jinn offer to a person. We find Ahmed Makki, who played the role of “Bahej” in the Egyptian version, the shy vet who falls in love with a beautiful girl named “Laila.” Still, he does not know how to express his feelings. Finally, on his lonely birthday, the demon appears to him, “Mared.” It offers him assistance through seven different attempts in time and place, in which “Bahij” manages to change his personality so that he can make “Layla” in love with him. But all attempts fail, and he discovers in the end that his true personality resembles the character of “Layla” and impresses her, so he can win her love and marry her.

My love is sleeping 2008

My Love Is Sleeping is an adaptation of the 2001 American movie Shallow Hal. The two films are similar to the point of identicalness, as the film discussed the story of a fat girl who sees a young man at the top of grace and beauty due to a magic trick. In the Egyptian version, we find “Nesma,” played by Mai Ezz El-Din, a young girl who faces a lot of harassment because of her excess weight and always fails in her attempts to associate with men. Hence, her close friend tries to help her through magic and sorcery and puts a bottom work in the juice to make “Nesma” She looks graceful and beautiful in the eyes of a young man named “Waseem.” Still, the paradox occurs when another young man named “Ramez” drinks the juice. His role is played by Khaled Abul-Naga, who falls in love with “Nesma” after he finds in her the specifications of the girl of his dreams, but with the demise of the impact of the work shocking “Ramez” in the true form of Nesma, and avoids marrying her because he believes that she deceived him. Still, he discovers the truth and makes sure of his love for her because of her spirit and kindness of heart, not her outward appearance, so he feels remorse and returns to her and proposes to her.

Congrats 2009

Congrats is based on the 1993 American movie Groundhog Day. The main events of the two films revolve around the myth of Sisyphus, a fictional idea of a siege in a single time loop, in which a person repeatedly lives on the same day. The hero of the Egyptian version of the movie “Ahmed Galal” is a selfish young man who does not feel others, even the closest people to him. He wakes up on the morning of his wedding day to go through multiple situations, and the day ends with his death in the middle of the night. Ahmed wakes up from sleep the next day, thinking that what he saw was just a nightmare, but he finds himself living the same events as the day repeats itself with slightly different details. Ahmed discovers that he is trapped on this day and cannot escape from it, and every day ends differently. With the passage of time and the repetition of the day, Ahmed can notice things that he had not previously seen due to his selfishness. The film ends with the complete change of Ahmed’s personality. He transformed from a person who only cares about himself to cares about others, even sacrificing himself to save his family from death. It is worth mentioning that the film starring Ahmed Helmy.

Sameer, Shaheer, and Bahir 2010

Samir, Shaheer and Bahir is based on the 1985 American movie Back To The Future. The idea of the two works is completely identical in terms of the idea and events. Only we find the teenage hero in the foreign version has been replaced by three half-sisters in the Egyptian version, where their father met 3 girls and married them on the same night, and each of them became pregnant with a boy, “Samir”, “Shaheer” and “Bahir”. The brothers discover a mysterious device and when they try to turn it on they are transported back in time to the 1970s, only to find themselves on the day their father married their mothers. Samir, Shahir and Bahir seek to spoil their father’s relationship with his other wives so that he will not have his sisters in the future. In a comic paradox, every mother falls in love with her son because of the similarity of their personalities. The three discover that any change in the past will affect all of their futures, and together they seek to marry their father to the three wives.  The film stars Ahmed Fahmy, Hisham Maged and Sheko.

Son of the consul 2010

The film, Son of the Consul, is based on the 2003 American movie Matchstick Men. The two films are similar to the extent of congruence in the idea and events, with a slight difference in that in the foreign version, the hero meets Nicolas Cage, who works as a professional con artist, a young girl who impersonates his daughter and soon participates with him in fraud. As for the Egyptian version, we find the hero Khaled Saleh or “the Consul” opposite Ahmed Al-Sakka, who claims to be his son “Essam”, while in fact he is “Nasser”, the son of “Fathi Al-Sammak”, his partner in the monument, who was deceived by the “consul” and hid his share of gold Stolen in their last operation. Nasir decided to deceive him in order to know the location of the gold to get his father’s share.

Dawlat Security 2011

Dawlat Security film adapted from the American movie The Pacifier, which was produced in 2005. The two films dealt with the story of an officer who takes on the task of protecting an important figure, only to find himself mired in children’s comedic problems. We watch Hamada Hilal play the role of the star Van Diesel from the foreign version, and he presents the role of State Security Officer “Hossam Al-Farshouti”, who is assigned the task of protecting the family of the United Nations Ambassador, “Dawlat Al-Manduwa”. In a comic context, he finds himself embroiled in the problems of the five sons, and “Hossam” falls victim to several hot pranks carried out by the children. So he was able to gain their trust, and succeeded in solving their problems and correcting their behavior.

Break and come back 2011

A break and back movie based on the 2001 American movie Memento. The story revolves around the protagonist suffering from dissociative amnesia and resorting to writing the events he is going through on his body so that he can remember them and be able to discover the killer of his wife. As for the Egyptian version of the work, starring Karim Abdel Aziz, who plays the role of “Arabi”, the taxi driver whose wife died and left him a young child named “Hassan”. Businessman Khairy Mansour, the grandfather of the child, tries to obtain custody of him after his mother’s death, but the court rules that the father is entitled to immunity. “Arabi” decides to travel with his son on a short vacation to celebrate the court ruling. On the way, the car breaks down and he is subjected to a mysterious attack by three people who kidnap his son from him. “Arabi” is hit in the head, and after he is transferred to the hospital, he discovers that he has a rare form of temporary amnesia. He remembers new events only for a short period of time, not exceeding 5 seconds, while he remembers well before the accident. Events escalate into a comedic drama amid Arabi’s attempts to recover his son and his memory. In the end, he discovers that the one who planned the kidnapping is his close friend, hoping to get a ransom from a rich grandfather.

Game Over 2012

The movie is based on the 2005 American movie Monster-In-Law. Starring Jennifer Lopez, who plays her role in the Egyptian version, the artist Mai Ezz El-Din, where she presents the character “Nada”, who works as a waitress in a hotel, and falls in love with “Amr”, who proposes to her and takes her to meet his mother, the domineering broadcaster “Liqaa”, who refuses their marriage because The great social difference between them, and she tries in various ways to separate her son and his fiancée and destroy their relationship, and considers “Nada” an enemy to her and treats her badly, and begins to carry out hot pranks in it with the aim of thwarting this marriage, so that the girl responds to her mother-in-law with more heated pranks, and the events of the film end with a happy ending where They finally reconcile and get married.

Cousins 2012

The Cousins is based on the 2002 American movie The Hot Chick. The events of the two films revolve in the scope of a comedy-fantasy about the idea of transforming a girl into the body of a man, while retaining the mind and feelings of the female. While the Egyptian version presented the same idea with an intense dose, three girls, “Shawq”, “Shahanda” and “Shayma”, who live with their grandmother in the family palace, become infected with an eternal curse that affects everyone who tries to sell it. After “Shawq” persuaded her cousins to sell the palace, and they tricked their grandmother into signing the sale contract, they all turned into men the next morning. In the midst of the comic situations they were exposed to, the girls try to break the curse and return to their normal bodies by restoring the palace, but the buyer refuses to return to the sale, so they resort to deceiving him and making him sign a contract to give up the palace. The film stars Ahmed Fahmy, Hisham Maged and Sheko.

Over my dead body 2013

On My Body is a movie based on the 2005 American movie Just Like Heaven. But instead of the female lead in the foreign version of the film, she was replaced by a male lead, with Ahmed Helmy replacing Reese Witherspoon in the Egyptian version. The events revolve around an interior designer named “Raouf” who is skeptical, strict and loves control. Raouf is exposed to a car accident and falls into a coma, and is taken to the hospital, but his soul remains stuck between life and death, and discovers his ability to see people while no one sees him. his mistakes.

Rouh’s Beauty of 2014

The film Rouh’s Beauty is based on the Italian film Malèna, which was produced in 2000. It stars Monica Bellucci, who played her role in the Egyptian version, Haifa Wehbe. The film was completely transferred from the Italian version after its Egyptianization, so we find a perfect match in the events of the two films, so that the promotional poster for them is exactly the same. The film tells the story of “Rouh”, a wife who lives in a popular neighborhood with her mother-in-law, who is traveling abroad. She faces many problems from the region’s residents, as she is coveted by her neighbors of men, who each want to make her fall into a forbidden relationship, while “Rouh” tries in every way to preserve her honor. Events escalate as a group of men storm the house of “Rouh” after she became alone due to the death of her mother-in-law, as one of them raped her, so “Rouh” decided to leave the neighborhood and escape to an unknown fate.

Official Marriage 2014

The film Official Marriage is based on the 1985 American movie This Means War. The two films tell the story of two friends working in a security division who discover that they fall in love with the same girl, and each seeks to win her over by plotting hot pranks for the other. Yasmine Abdelaziz plays the role of “Berry El Salamouni”, a young woman who was abandoned by her fiancé for another girl, so she decides to quickly find a groom to marry before him. By chance, Berry meets Adam Jalal, played by Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and Saif Salah, played by Hassan Al-Raddad, two good friends who work as state security officers. Berry begins dating the two without knowing their friendship, when Adam and Seif discover that they are dating the same girl, and the situation ignites between them and they fight to determine who will win her in the end.

World War III 2014

The Third World War film is based on the American film series Night at the Museum, which began production in 2006. The main idea of the two films revolves around the resurrection of statues in a museum at midnight. The presence of the hero of the foreign version in the museum was due to his work as a night guard, while Ahmed Fahmy, the hero of the Egyptian version, decided to enter the museum to retrieve the football he was playing with his friends and entered the museum by mistake. Khamis is shocked and terrified when he finds wax statues of the most famous historical and artistic figures such as Muhammad Ali, Ahmed Orabi, Amon, Umm Kulthum, and Bob Marley, who suddenly came to life because of an ancient Pharaonic spell. To begin a series of comic events between “Khamis” and the living statues, especially after the former director of the museum seized the Book of Spells to awaken a group of statues of evil characters such as Rhea, Sakina, Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler and Holaku, from their desire to control the world.

Rizk’s Sons 2015

Rizk’s Sons is based on two American films, The Usual Suspects, produced in 1995, and Four Brothers, which was produced in 2005. The events of the Egyptian version revolve around 4 brothers, “Rida”, “Rabie”, “Ragab” and “Ramadan” who live in the world of crime after the death of their parents. Things worsened during one of the criminal operations, which resulted in “Ramadan” losing his eye, so the older brother “Rida” decided to stop the crime, while his brothers refused, so he left them and left to marry and do an honorable job. Rabea and Rajab caused a large drug shipment to teacher “Saqr” to fall into the hands of the police, so he detained their younger brother, “Ramadan” and demanded that they return the goods or their value, so they had to resort to their brother “Rida” who thought of a demonic trick to recover his brother and take revenge on the officer. who kept the drugs for himself, as well as facilitating the arrest of the teacher “Saqr”.

Blue Elephant 2015

The Blue Elephant is based on the 2007 American film The Tattooist. The plot of the foreign film revolves around a young man learning the art of tattooing, and while studying tattoo designs in different races, he stole an old tattoo tool and because of it unintentionally released an angry, evil spirit that targets all the people the hero tattooed. In the Egyptian version, the hero, “Yahya Rashid” or Karim Abdel Aziz, tries to help his friend “Sharif al-Kurdi” or Khaled al-Sawy, who is accused of killing his pregnant wife after raping her. After his wife tattooed an artist named “Deja”, who uses magic spells in her drawings to help her clients. However, things got out of her control due to the mighty power of the Genie “Nael”.

The Suit 2018

The Suit is based on the 2014 American movie Let’s Be Cops. The two films revolve around two failed young men who decide to go to a party disguised as policemen, which puts them in big trouble. In the Egyptian version, we meet “Hamada” or Akram Hosni, who failed in the Faculty of Law and then was dismissed from the Police College to join the Faculty of Physical Education. and “Walid” or Tamer Hosny, who spent 15 years at the Faculty of Applied Arts. The two decide to go to classmate Reem’s party and disguise themselves as cops, thinking it’s a masquerade party. When everyone thought they were real officers, they were treated with great respect and admiration, which made Walid go too far and set up a police ambush in front of Reem’s house. “Hamada” and “Walid” get involved with international terrorist “Marcos”, and they get into many problems, until they were able to arrest him with the help of the police, who rewarded them for helping them arrest a dangerous criminal, and then arrested them on charges of impersonating police officers.

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