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On World Teachers’ Day… How did the teacher’s character appear in Egyptian cinema?

The world celebrates Teacher’s Day on October 5 of each year to pay tribute to teachers’ important role in building society. No one denies the great position that the teacher enjoys, as he contributes to raising a new, conscious, and educated generation, who grows up on good human values and principles, and grows up capable of innovation, development of society and contributing to its renaissance.

It was natural for Egyptian cinema to present the character of the teacher in its films, but a good observer of cinema notes that most of these films are of a comic character, as the character of the teacher is presented in a satirical comic image that has been engraved in the minds of viewers for many years, despite the appearance of some films that tried Overcoming this phenomenon and resisting it, and the teacher’s image was fair, providing an exceptional image of the educator of the virtuous generations.

Many actors excelled in embodying the character of the teacher with various characters and styles, which the audience attached to and loved, and he kept repeating the most famous sentences that came on their tongue for many years. Therefore, we will review with you in this article the best who have performed this role with great success.

Cotton candy 1949

The artist, Najib Al-Rihani, presented one of the most famous models of the teacher in Egyptian cinema, through the character of Professor “Hamam” in the movie “Ghazl Al Banat”. He is a poor teacher who teaches Arabic to “Laila”, the spoiled, wealthy daughter of the Pasha, played by the artist Laila Murad. During the events of the film, the abuse of the teacher’s character continued, starting with his accusation of stealing a golden bracelet, passing through the funny pranks that the girl and her friends carried out in her teacher to ridicule him. Until the professor falls in love with his student and saves her from falling into the clutches of a reckless young man.

Theach me love 1957

The movie “Teach Me Love” presented the story of Professor “Sami”, played by the artist Saad Abdel Wahab. He joins work in a girls’ school as a music teacher, and falls in love with his romantic student “Nawal”, played by the artist Iman. However, he is ashamed to tell her about his feelings, especially when he discovers that His best friend, Mamdouh, has proposed to her, so Sami decides to stay away from her and suppress his love in his heart. Nawal discovers her teacher’s feelings by chance and tells him that she does not love Mamdouh, but Sami refuses to confess his love to her so as not to lose his friend. Mamdouh overhears their conversation and decides to sacrifice his fiancée for his friend’s sake, when he is sure of Nawal’s love for him.

Love Street 1959

The stereotype of the love story between the poor professor and the spoiled rich student is repeated through the character “Abdul Moneim Sabry” presented by the artist Abdel Halim Hafez in the movie “Love Street”. Where we find a young singer who enlists to work as a music teacher, and is forced to disguise himself as an old man with a mustache and a false beard, which becomes the object of ridicule among the girls. “Karima” or the artist Sabah enters a challenge with “Mervat” or the artist Munira Sonbol, on which of them can shave the teacher’s mustache and beard before the other. The teacher and the student fall in love when Karima discovers his true age. But “Moneim” cut his relationship with her after discovering the bet between the two girls, but “Karim” insisted on helping him by presenting him in a big concert at the opera.

Ambassador Aziza 1961

One of the positive images that Egyptian cinema presented to the teacher was included in the movie “Al-Safira Aziza”, where the artist Abdel Moneim Ibrahim starred in the role of Professor “Hakam”, an Arabic language teacher who masters classical Arabic and only speaks it. It is the character that he presented in more than one form in other films such as “The Olive Branch” and “Ismail Yassin in the Fleet”. As for Shukri Sarhan, he played in the same film the role of “Ahmed”, a young teacher who rejects injustice and fights evil, and stands next to his wife “Aziza”, whose brother “Abbas” seized her inheritance, and tries to reconcile between them, but “Abbas” quarrels with him and beats him, but that “Ahmed” eventually manages to return the right to its owner.

The olive branch 1964

The movie “Olive Branch” included the story of love and fatal jealousy that brought together Professor “Abdo” presented by artist Ahmed Mazhar, who falls in love with “Atiyat”, the most beautiful girl in the school, despite his objection to her reckless behavior and rumors that linked her with his colleague, Professor “Gamal”. . After a long hesitation, Abdo proposed to Attiyat. But the past kept chasing him, and he began to doubt the continuation of his wife’s relationship with Professor “Gamal”, so he turned her life into hell, until she left him and decided to return to her family’s home. Abdo decided to kill Gamal after he felt that he was the reason for ruining his life, only to discover that Gamal had never had a relationship with Attiyat, and that his admiration for her was merely an admiration for an outstanding student. “Gamal” told him that he loved his cousin and could not marry her because he was impotent as a result of being injured in an accident. So, “Abdo” was reassured, and the doubt removed from his heart, and he returned to his wife apologizing.

Hooligans School 1973

Filmmakers in Egypt took advantage of the overwhelming success of the play “The School of the Unruly”, and presented the same idea in a movie in which the artist Mervat Amin played the role of the young professor “Afaf Salem” who is in charge of a classroom of five riotous students who cause many problems because of their recklessness and moral corruption. Ms. Afaf begins to deal with the students in a different way from the previous teachers, until she succeeded in disciplining and controlling them, and gained their trust after giving each of them an opportunity to develop his talent, and was able to make them study their lessons. The artist Samir Ghanem also presented in the film the character of Professor “Allam Al-Malwani”, a teacher with a weak personality that the students made a constant subject of ridicule.

The Last Gentleman 1984

A very ideal picture of teachers presented by the artist Nour El Sherif in his movie “The Last Gentleman”, where he appeared in the character of “Ferjani”, a teacher in a school in Upper Egypt, who is assigned to supervise students on a school trip to visit the zoo in Cairo. During the trip, the student “Nesma” disappears. Fergani is not satisfied with reporting the police, and shows the human side of the teacher’s personality, so he begins a journey to search for her on his own because of his sense of responsibility towards her. The girl’s family struggles with a large family in Upper Egypt, who think they kidnapped her, until Ferjani finds that a woman named Soraya, played by the artist Bossi, has kidnapped Nesma from the zoo, because she suffers from a psychological complex after losing her daughter. The police monitor Soraya’s whereabouts, and the virtuous educator can retrieve the girl and return her safely to her family.

Suicide of a High School Teacher 1989

In the movie “Suicide of a High School Teacher”, the artist Hussein Fahmy embodied a different image of the teacher, reviewing the human side of his life. We meet “Ibrahim”, a poor teacher who suffers and his wife “benefits” him from the high cost of living, yet he proposes to marry a second wife in the hope of having children. Indeed, he marries his neighbor “Hosnia” who is pregnant with him, but he is surprised by the pregnancy of his first wife as well, so the situation turns and Ibrahim finds himself the father of five children. Pressure increases on “Ibrahim” and the situation becomes more difficult for him due to the openness policies, and he ends up committing suicide in the Nile waters.

The egg and the stone 1990

During the events of the movie “The Egg and the Stone”, Ahmed Zaki played the role of “Mustata Al-Ta’zi”, a philosophy teacher who is referred to an investigation on charges of communism as a result of his invitation to students to follow the policy of dismissal, which cost him the loss of his job. “Mustata” lives in an apartment on the roof of a building in Tahrir Square, only to find that he has turned into a charlatan for those in need to help them, and finds it an easy and quick opportunity to earn money, so he used his intelligence and his study of philosophy to solve their problems. Mustata comes close to senior statesmen and became wealthy, completely forgetting the theory of dispensation, taking advantage of human weakness and their fear of the unknown, which pushes them to accept illusion to overcome their fears.

The Headmaster 2000

The film “The Headmasster” dealt with the issue of teaching in a sarcastic manner, showing different models of teachers, most notably the artist Hanan Al-Taweel in the role of “Mays Inshirah”, an English language teacher who utters the words in front of the students in a comic way. As well as Professor Zakaria Al-Dardiri, played by the artist Youssef Eid, a mathematics teacher who was hired by the school as a temporary teacher of the French language, until it brings a new teacher, and he spends the class time outside the classroom, avoiding the students. We also find Professor “Hussein” or the artist Hisham Selim, a science teacher who helps the principal “Salah al-Din” in improving the level of students and confronting the control of the school agent. He is assigned to supervise the school until Salah gets high school and is ready for the job of headmaster.

Ramadan Mubarak Abul Alamein Hamouda 2008

In the movie “Ramadan Mabrouk Abu Al-Alamein Hamouda”, the artist Mohamed Ramadan discussed the problems of education in Egypt, the most important of which is the problem of private lessons. That is through Mr. Ramadan, a puritan Arabic language teacher, who moves from the countryside to Cairo to teach in a luxurious school that brings together the sons of senior officials. “Ramadan” suffers from being a subject for ridicule among students, as they carry out a series of sarcastic and insulting pranks. Ramadan seeks to get closer to the students who do not care about their educational future, and discovers that they all fall in love with a famous singer, and when he tries to keep her out of their way, he falls in love with her.

Black Honey 2010

Once again, the Egyptian cinema deliberately distorts the character of the teacher and presents it in a sarcastic manner. Actress Amy Samir Ghanem presented the role of the English language teacher in the movie “Assoul Aswad”, in which she embodied the character of “Abla Mervat”, who cannot pronounce words properly, and thus children learn the English language. In a wrong way, throughout the film, she is mocked at her low educational level by the artist Ahmed Helmy, who played the role of “Masri Al-Arabi”, the young Egyptian immigrant to America who speaks fluent English.

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