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On World Friendship Day… Films that embodied the loyalty of friends in Egyptian cinema

True friendship is one of the noblest and noblest human relations, and there is no person among us who does not wish to find a true friend to share his sorrows and joys and share his memories, so in 2011 the United Nations General Assembly announced the selection of July 30 of each year to celebrate the International Day of Friendship, and not only the friendship of individuals but As well as friendship between peoples, countries and different cultures, and given the critical importance of the relationship of friendship between humans, many cinematic works have shed light on it.

Our Good Days 1955

The movie “Our Good Days” is one of the first Egyptian films that dealt with the true value of friendship between three young people who were united by poverty and shared housing on the roof of a building. We meet Ahmed (Omar Sharif), a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, who is forced to borrow money from his rich, miserly uncle, in exchange for bills that he pays after his graduation. There is Ramzy (Ahmed Ramzy), who fails his studies at the Faculty of Commerce because of his love for boxing. And finally, Ali (Abdul Halim Hafez), who studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and his wealthy uncle covets him to marry his daughter.

The three friends fall in love with Huda (Faten Hamama), an orphan girl who has moved to live on the same roof, but she tends to Ahmed because of his dignity and calmness, and agrees to marry him. Ramzy gets angry and leaves the surface, but he returns again after learning of Hoda’s disease, who has tuberculosis and needs surgery. Friends sell all their possessions and each seeks to get the necessary money in his own way, in an attempt to save their friend, who dies before the operation.

Teach Me Love 1957

The movie “Teach Me Love” presented the story of three young people who have been friends since childhood, Ghorab (Abdul Salam Al-Nabulsi), who loves his neighbor Mimi (Nelli Mazloum), the owner of the dance school. Mamdouh (Ahmed Ramzy) is a young playboy with multiple female relationships. and Sami (Saad Abdel-Wahhab), who enrolls in a girls’ school. Sami falls in love with the romantic girl Nawal (Iman) and is afraid of telling her his feelings because she is his student. Mamdouh meets Nawal by chance, as he has a working relationship with her father, and tries to make her fall in love with him, so he uses his friend Sami to write romantic letters to her. Indeed, Sami writes the most tender words, evoking the image of Nawal, which he loves so much.

Because of the tender and romantic feelings in the letters, Nawal agrees to her engagement to Mamdouh, and Sami discovers by chance that Nawal is Mamdouh’s fiancée, so he suppresses his love in his heart and blesses his friend. On his desk and making sure that he was the one who wrote her the romantic letters, she told him that she never loved Mamdouh and that she was attached to him because of his romantic letters, but Sami refuses to confess his love for her or write letters so as not to lose his friend Mamdouh, who listens to their conversation and decides to sacrifice his fiancée for his friend, stressing To him, it does not matter that they fell in love with the same girl, but the important thing is the person that Nawal loved.

Goodbye my friend 1987

The movie “Goodbye, my friend” is one of the most famous works of art that embodied the true friendship and loyalty to a friend, and the name of the movie has become a common phrase among friends to this day, as if it carries with it feelings of brotherhood and strong friendship, such as the one that brought together the film’s heroes. This work presented the story of two good friends, Marzouk (Adel Imam) and Barakat (Saeed Saleh), who work in the watermelon trade with the street vendor Duck (Sawsan Badr). . On the night of the wedding, Barakat is killed by a rival merchant, so Marzouk avenges the death of his friend by killing the competing merchant and his gang, sacrificing his future so that his friend may rest in peace.

Dantila 1998

The movie “Dantila” tells the story of the friendship of Sahar (Yousra) and Maryam (Ilham Shaheen), who are friends since childhood despite the great social difference between them. Alexandria, and residing with her friend. By chance, the two friends meet detective Lieutenant-Colonel Hossam Anbar (Mahmoud Hamida), who is keen to help the two girls, so he provides a job opportunity to stay up late in a large hotel, and helps Maryam find a suitable law firm. The two girls fall in love with Hossam, and her friend Mariam stays up late with the truth of her feelings, and Maryam refuses to marry Hossam so as not to lose her friend, and agrees to marry Wajdi (Mahmoud Qabil), a businessman, and travels with him to Canada, but she cannot forget her love for Hossam, so she asks for a divorce. She returns to Egypt to be surprised by her friend’s marriage to her lover, so she is jealous and offers the marriage to Hossam, and he agrees, and the two friends become mischievous.

Conflict and competition begins between the two friends until Sahar gets injured in an accident and is taken to the hospital, and decides to end this misery and sacrifice herself and ask for a divorce, but Hossam feels unhappy and tries to marry her secretly, but she refuses, so he asks her to enter into a relationship without marriage, and Maryam hears him and asks for a divorce too because of his selfishness The relationship between the two friends is as strong as it was.

Friends or Business Partners 2001

The events of the movie “Ashab Wala Business” revolve around Karim Nour (Mostafa Qamar) and Tariq Al-Seyoufi (Hani Salama), who work together on a satellite channel, and they have a strong friendship that extends from their university days, but jealousy runs in their hearts because of the working conditions, so lifelong friends turn into Enemies and rivals, and each of them begins to plot some small pranks in order to destroy the other. The two friends compete to win a huge advertising campaign, and at the same time the events of the Palestinian uprising erupt, the channel director chooses Tariq to shoot the advertising campaign, while he decides to send Karim to record an episode of his entertainment program in Palestine, in order to keep pace with events.

During the trip, Karim gets acquainted with the Palestinian youth Jihad (Amr Waked) and films the process of his martyrdom, but he suffers from many problems when he returns to work, as the channel director refuses to broadcast the video of the martyrdom operation that he filmed, and is suspended from work. Tariq decides to leave the differences aside and stand by his friend in his crisis, and helps him show the video and deliver the truth to the viewers. In the end, Karim returns to work in the channel, and the strong friendship between them returns and triumphs over competition and temptations.

A true friend 2002

The movie “A true friend” presented the distinguished relationship of friendship and sacrifice between its heroes despite the alienation that separated them, as events revolved around a childhood friend Osama (Mohamed Henedy), who lives with his grandfather, and Gad (Ashraf Abdel Baqi), who is the only son of an old mother. The two friends obtain a secondment to one of the Gulf countries, and they agree that one of them will remain to take care of the family, and that he will travel after the return of the other. Gad travels abroad and returns after 5 years on a short vacation, and Osama tries to prevent him from traveling again, by claiming that he has a fatal disease with no hope of treatment. And when Gad discovers the truth and gets angry with a friend of his age, Osama tells him that he did all this so that a friend of his age would not travel and be deprived of him as he was deprived of his parents before, so Gad refuses to travel again, and decides to stay by his friend’s side.

Staying up at nights 2003

The movie ” Staying up at nights 2003″ discusses the problems and secrets in the lives of four friends, Khaled (Fathi Abdel Wahab), who is proud of his wife Berry’s (Mona Zaki) infidelity. Ali (Khaled Abu al-Naga) and his wife Mushira (Jihan Fadel), who suffers from apathy in her sexual life with him. And Amr (Ahmed Helmy) and his wife Farah (Hanan Turk), who had a love affair with his friend Ali and always seeks to provoke feelings of jealousy in Ali and Mashira, by proving that her relationship with Amr is more successful and romantic. Finally, Sameh (Sherif Mounir), who prefers to remain in a love affair without marriage with his lover Inas (Ola Ghanem).

The events begin with friends gathering to celebrate the birthday of Berry and Khaled’s daughter, and after the ceremony, disputes erupt between husbands and their wives, and events escalate with them, after which the four young men decide to travel to Alexandria to enjoy their time and relive the old days. After a series of dramatic events, they feel that they are no longer reckless youth, but rather mature men, and each of them must realize his mistake and work to repair his relationship with his life partner, so that the film ends with the return of each husband to his wife, but without a clear and explicit solution to their problems, in reference to the real life that there is no It always has happy endings.

Good old days 2004

The movie “The Good Old Days” presented the relationship of childhood friends in a different and innovative way, through the story of the young girl Salma (Hanan Turk), who decides to leave the house after the death of her mother, due to her unwillingness to live with her stepfather, who discovers that she cannot communicate with him, so he asks her to stay Until sometime passes after her mother’s death. Salma agrees, who begins to receive mysterious messages, including a cassette tape of her favorite singer, Mohamed Mounir, and a picture of her with her childhood friends in the Shubra area, who separated from them when her mother married and went to live in the Maadi area.

Salma decides to visit her friends, thinking that they are behind these mysterious messages, so she goes to Shubra and meets her friends Duha (Mena Shalaby) and Yusriya (Hind Sabry). The two friends deny sending anonymous messages, but together they embark on a long and interesting journey in an attempt to find the sender of the letters. Meanwhile, Yusra’s relationship with her husband deteriorates and he divorces her, as well as Duha’s relationship with her fiancé, who decided to break off the engagement, and the friends begin to reproach Salma, who was the reason for what their lives reached after her recent appearance, but she assures them that it is not the real reason, and that she will travel abroad and will not be the reason In their troubles anymore, and they all decide to part. They each discover that while searching for the source of the letters, they find something more important, they find themselves, rearrange their papers, and restore their old friendship. In the end, Salma discovers that it was her stepfather who sent these messages in an attempt to get closer to her so that she would not leave the house, Salma’s betrothal to her neighbour, Yusra and Duha return to their first life after being completely convinced that life will not always be perfect.

Downtown Girls 2005

The movie “Downtown Girls” reviewed the friendship that developed on the subway between two poor girls who work in the downtown area, Yasmine (Mena Shalaby), who works in a hairdresser’s shop and lives on lies and illusions, and has multiple relationships with the opposite sex, and Joumana (Hind). Sabry), who works in a clothing store, loves songs and romance novels, and unlike her friend, she is very shy in dealing with the opposite sex.

The two girls meet Othman (Mohamed Najati) and Samir (Khaled Abu Al-Naga), and as usual, Yasmine lies to them and claims that she is Jumana and sings in the choir behind the singers, and that Jumana is Yasmine and works in designing clothes in the cinema, and the meetings are repeated between them and Yasmine falls in love with Samir, who is looking for a relationship Jada, unlike his reckless friend Othman, who prefers short relationships, and the girls continue to lie to them until the young people discover the truth by chance after a big dispute between Jumana and Yasmine, and soon the two friends reconcile, and Yasmine marries Samir, and she pledges with her friend to remain friends forever, and continues Their meetings are as usual in downtown cafes, and Joumana continues to search for love and a suitable husband, while Othman continues his reckless relationships.

Dearest Friends 2009

The movie “Dearest Friends” deals with the story of a group of school friends who separated due to their university studies, and each of them went on a different path due to their preoccupation with their lives and work. But they meet for the first time ten years ago, at the engagement of their girlfriend Angie (Lana Saeed), to solidify their friendship again, but after a lot of problems occurred between friends because of their different personalities from the past.

The film highlights an innocent love story that brought together since childhood Ali (Ahmed Flux) and Dina (Soma), where their feelings remained in their hearts despite their separation for many years. As well as the tense relationship between Marwa (Marwa Abdel Moneim) and her husband Muhammad (Ahmed Al-Saadani), where the wife misses the feelings of love that united them while studying, and discovers signs of marital infidelity and asks for divorce.

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