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On International Father’s Day… Learn about the most famous fathers in Egyptian cinema

Every year on the third Sunday in June, the world celebrates “International Father’s Day”, in recognition of the role of a father who has always symbolized strength and bond in his family. We note that there are works of art that talk about the father in Egyptian cinema, but they are very few compared to the works that talk about the mother.

This has raised the question of many viewers and critics as well, why is the celebration of the father absent from our eastern society, unlike western societies? Some attributed the reason to the fact that the mother’s role is the strongest in the Egyptian family and the eastern society in general, as she is the one who raises children, supervises their education and takes care of their health and their daily needs, in addition to managing the house and various family affairs, while the father’s role is often limited to work and saving money. In contrast to Western societies in which the father participates equally with the mother in raising and caring for the children.

But this does not prevent the existence of many films that talked about the role of the father in the life of the Egyptian family and its impact on the lives of his children, whether negatively or positively. To celebrate this day, we remember together a number of artists who played the role of the father in Egyptian cinema, in films that have been firmly established in the minds of the public for many years.

Hussein Riad

Hussein Riad appeared in the character of a kind and kind father in the movie “The Seven Girls”, where he played the role of a struggling father in his work, and he has 7 daughters who are responsible for them after the death of his wife, and each of them faces many problems, until they finally succeed in overcoming them together.

Hussein Riad also presented the role of the father in the movie “Red My Heart”, where he embodied the role of a poor father who seeks his livelihood and does not accept that his dignity or the dignity of his children be insulted. As well as in the movie “Baba Amin”, which tells the story of a family man who wants to get rich quickly to secure the future of his children, so he gives his friend all his savings to be partners in a business project.

Zaki Rostom

Zaki Rostom presented the role of the father in the movie “Me and my daughters”, whose story revolves around a widower who lives with his four daughters, but he narrows them down and prevents them from mixing or working, and when the father retires, one of the swindlers seizes his reward. The father is admitted to the hospital, and the girls are forced to go down to work to help their father and face life’s circumstances.

Zaki Rostom also presented the role of the father in the movie “My Children”, where he embodied the role of a husband whose wife dies, leaving him with three children.

Youssef Wehbe

Despite the brilliance of Youssef Wehbe in presenting serious characters, he presented the role of a light-hearted father in a comic way in the movie “Rumor of Love.” He is the helpless husband in front of his wife, but he takes a decisive position to determine the fate of his daughter, so he plots a cunning plan to marry her off his nephew. He also presented the father’s personality in a way that distinguished him from other artists through a number of works, including “Search for a Scandal”, “The Great Love” and “Dalaa Al Banat”.

Abdel Moneim Madbouly

Abdel Moneim Madbouly excelled in presenting the character of a kind, affectionate father who gives all his time to his home and his children in the movie “The Grandson”, which tells the story of a family with 7 children, and the film discusses the difficulties that the father and mother face in taking responsibility for their children. He also played the role of a conservative father who fears for his daughter from youth, so he instructs the son of one of his friends to watch over her when she goes on a trip with her friends in the movie “Fun Beach”.

He also presented the character of a strict and reserved father for his three daughters in the events of the movie “In the Summer, We Must Love”, where he goes with them to summer in the city of Alexandria, yet he forbids them to go into the sea and forces them to wear modest clothes, so the girls deceive him after he falls asleep, and they leave their room In sexy clothes to meet some young men.

Emad Hamdy

Emad Hamdi presented the role of the strong, domineering father in the movie “Sins”, whose story begins with two brothers whose father separates them in treatment, until one of them surprises that he is not his real son, but rather a bastard who adopted him from the shelter. He also presented the role of the father in one of the most famous films in the history of Egyptian cinema, the movie “My Father Over the Tree”, where he played the role of a father who is trying to save his son from getting lost in the world of nightclubs and accompanying dancers, and he falls like him in the same swamp, but the son succeeds in the end In rescuing his father from the clutches of a prostitute, they leave the nightclub and go home together.

Farid Shawqi

Farid Shawqi starred in the performance of the father’s character, as he presented it in a large number of works of art, including the movie “Ya Rab Walad”, in which he played the role of the father of three girls who marry and live with their husbands dependent on the father in the same house, and the father wishes to have a son to inherit his business. He is also the father who is surprised that his daughter is accused of a murder case, and then discovers that the real killer is her twin sister, who he thought had died while she was living with a gang and engaged in theft, as part of the events of the movie “Ah and Oh Sherbet”.

In the movie “A Man Who Lost His Mind”, Farid Shawqi played the role of a father who spends all his money on his multiple women’s relationships, which he justifies because his wife has grown old and has become neglectful and neglecting herself and only cares about her home and children, so his sons seek by all means to save the family from collapse.

Yehia Shaheen

Yahya Shaheen embodied one of the most famous roles in the history of Egyptian cinema, the character of “Si El-Sayed”, through the trilogy of films “Bain Al-Qasserine”, “Qasr Al-Shouq” and “Al-Sukaria”. his family. He also presented the role of the father in a number of films, including “Something of Fear” and “This Man I Love”.

Suleiman Najib

In most of his roles, Suleiman Najib embodied the character of a kind father who does not stand in front of his children’s wishes. In the movie “Ward El Gharam”, he is the father whose daughter refused to marry a rich man, so he spread rumors about her misbehavior, which prompted her father to file a case for honor refund to save his daughter’s reputation. He also presented the role of the rich aristocratic father in several films such as “Ghazal Al Banat”, “Miss Mama”, “The Heart has One Love” and “I am not an angel”.

Adel Emam

Adel Imam presented the character of the jealous father through the movie “A Suiter from a Security Agency”, where he dealt with an important issue, which is the father’s strong attachment to his only daughter, especially after the death of his wife, which affected her decision to marry, so he started rejecting everyone who proposed to her for fear that another man would take her From him, until his daughter put him in front of the fait accompli and married the person she loved.

He also presented the role of the father whose wife passed away and left him four children, and who treats them like a friend and not their father, through the movie “The Danish Experience”, but he reconsiders the way he deals with them, especially after he has to host a beautiful girl in his house, whom everyone falls in love with, While she prefers to bond with the father, which puts him in a confrontation with his children, and he is forced to choose between them and the girl.

Hassan Hosny

Hassan Hosni is considered one of the most famous artists who provided the role of father to the hero or heroine in many artistic works. He usually presents the role of a light-hearted father who is more of a friendship with his children than a father with his son or daughter. He is the father who succeeds in saving his daughter’s marriage from the collapse in the movie “My wife and my wife”, the crushed father in “Mido Problems” and “Zaki Chan”, the miserly father in “They made me a criminal” and the reckless father in “Romantic Beh”.

He also presented the same character in different details in several films, most notably “Oh, my aunt”, “Hamada plays”, “Abboud on the border”, “Kalm Mama”, “Habibi is sleeping”, “Eyal Habiba”, “Marriage cheating”, and others. One of the fun comedic roles.

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