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A journey to the world of jinn and demons in Egyptian cinema

Egyptian cinema witnessed multiple attempts to discuss issues of other worlds and the unseen, including the world of jinn and demons. Over the course of its long history, Egyptian cinema has suffered from severe poverty in the production of these types of films, due to the high production costs, and the lack of modern technologies that allow the production of the necessary optical illusions. Despite this, many artists excelled in presenting these types of roles, sometimes comical and sometimes terrifying. So let us take you on a journey with the films that talked about jinn and demons in the history of Egyptian cinema  .

Hell's Ambassador 1945

The beginning kick to entering this complex world was for the artist Youssef Wehbe, through the events of the movie “The Ambassador of Hell”, which was classified as the oldest horror movie in Egyptian and Arab cinema, where he presented the role of the devil with a bloody face and broken teeth in his black cloak, who succeeds in controlling the A simple poor family offering them youth and money, so the husband and wife go into a life of vice and forbidden relationships, and the son gets involved in a murder.

The Demon of Ismail Yassin 1954

The movie “The Demon of Ismail Yassin” touched on the world of jinn and demons from a comic and somewhat fictional perspective, as its story revolves around Kitty, a dancer who works in a nightclub, where the owner of the club plans to kill her to obtain her life insurance policy to pay off his debts, and after Kitty’s death appears her imp or her spirit. To her friend Ismail (Ismail Yassin), and she uses him to find the killer, everyone thinks that he is the killer, and he gets into many problems, but in the end he succeeds in arresting the killer and delivers him to justice.

A date with the devil 1955

During the events of the movie “A Date with Satan”, the artist Mahmoud El-Meligy presented the role of the devil who disguises the character of a doctor named Nabil, to make a deal with Dr. Rajab (Zaki Rostom), giving him the ability to know the diseases that his patients suffer and treat them with ease, and Ragab gets wide fame And he achieves a huge fortune, until his son suffers from a rare disease, so he turns to Nabil for help, so that the devil appears as he is and asks him to believe in him, otherwise his son will die.

The magic lantern 1960

Another movie that deals with the world of the demons in a comic way, the movie “The Magic Lantern”, where the artist Mahmoud Farag appears as the sprite, “Afrkush bin Bartkoush”, who has been imprisoned for thousands of years inside a magical lantern that Mustafa Al-Furrish (Ismail Yassin) gets by chance, and after his liberation, the sprite decides He returned the favor to Mustafa by fulfilling 7 wishes for him, so some incidents occur that prevent the fulfillment of all Mustafa’s wishes, who eventually discovers that success does not need a magic lantern, but rather it needs struggle, self-reliance and not despair.

The woman who defeated Satan 1973

The movie “The Woman Who Conquered Satan” dealt with the story of Shafiqa (Neamat Mukhtar), the vengeful maid whom everyone treats harshly, including the journalist Mahmoud (Noor Al-Sharif), who loved him but did not feel her. To give him her soul after ten years, so Shafiqa turns into a beautiful millionaire, and returns to take revenge on everyone who treated her cruelly, and begins chasing the journalist who suddenly commits suicide, and Shafiqa collapses and decides to repent, and when the devil tries to remind her of the deal, she burns him with the strength of her faith.

Man and Jinn 1985

The artist Adel Imam excelled in presenting the role of a demon from the jinn called Jalal Sultan, during the events of the movie “The Humans and the Jinn”, where he appears to a young doctor named Fatima (Yousra) and tries to get close to her and marry her, and confesses to her his truth, and when she refuses to marry him, he warns her against marrying her colleague Osama (Izzat Al-Alayli), and when Fatima fails to get rid of him, she enters a psychiatric clinic and tries to commit suicide. Jalal rescues her and takes her back to the hospital. To his surprise, Osama reads the Qur’an, which makes Jalal disappear from her life.

The Exorcism 1987

After the success of the movie “Al-Anas and Al-Jinn”, actress Yousra was keen to present a similar theme through the movie “The Exorcism”, in which the artist Fouad Khalil presented the role of Satan, disguised as a businessman who seeks to buy the house of Professor Mahmoud (Mahmoud Yassin) and his wife Rawya (Yousra). Who lives with their son, the mother of the husband and his two sisters, and after the family refuses to sell the house, a series of strange events begins, such as the burning of furniture on its own and the appearance of blood in the bathroom.

Cheif Omar Harb 2008

The movie “Cheif Omar Harb” provided an implicit reference to the devil through the character of the artist Khaled Saleh, who runs a gambling casino. And when he sees the extraordinary abilities of his boss, which is represented in his ability to control the game of roulette by winning and losing, he seeks to imitate it to earn more money, he finds himself immersing himself more in the devil’s world full of a lot of theft, exploitation, revenge and forbidden sexual relations, and when Khaled tries to get out of the casino world. Fearing for his life, if his case becomes exposed, he discovers that everything that happened to him was with the knowledge and planning of Omar Harb himself, so Khaled surrenders and decides to remain under the control of Satan.

You fly 2009

The movie “You Fly” presented the world of the jinn and the goblin in a comic way, through a puck of the good jinn called Mared (Majid Al-Kadwani), who seeks to obtain a certificate stating his success in fulfilling a human’s wish so that he can graduate from school, so he appears to the veterinarian, with an introverted personality, Bahij (Ahmed Makki) and tries to help him to attract the attention of the girl he loves, by giving him different personalities, and when Baheej despairs of attempts to win the girl’s love, he decides to give the imp his signature on the success certificate. another, which eventually makes him succeed in attracting the girl’s attention and marrying her.

The Blue Elephant 2014 - 2019

The movie “The Blue Elephant” in its parts, is one of the most successful films that discussed the mysterious side of the world of jinn and demons. It tells the story of psychiatrist Yahya Rashid (Karim Abdel Aziz), who is surprised after returning to work at Abbasiya Hospital, with the involvement of his lifelong friend and classmate Sharif Al-Kurdi (Khaled Al-Sawy). ) In the case of killing his pregnant wife after raping her, Yahya discovers during the events that a genie named Nael is wearing Sharif and controlling his actions, and during the events he learns how to overcome him and can get him out of his friend’s body, so that Nael returns in the second part to inhabit the body of a woman named Farida (Hind Sabri), He makes her kill her husband and daughter, so she is deposited in the same hospital, to meet Dr. Yahya and notice the similarity of her condition with that of his friend Sharif, and succeeds at the end of the events in helping her and expelling the genie Nael from her body.

Warda 2014

The movie “Warda” presented an overview of the terrifying world of jinn and demons, as it reviews a true story that took place in an Egyptian village, through the character of the rural girl Warda (Nada Al-Alfi), who falls into a bad psychological state after the death of her father, to start some strange events in the house such as hearing the voice of Heavy knocking on the doors with sounds of distress, so her mother sought the help of one of the sheikhs who specialize in cases of demonic possession, and the Sheikh recited the Qur’an on the head of a rose, and when she was not disturbed by the Qur’an, the Sheikh made sure that the touch that hit her was not from the jinn or demons, and when a rose was alone with her mother, she told her that The one who inhabited her body is the spirit of her younger sister, Faten, who died 5 years ago, then she kills her mother and brother, so she is arrested and placed in a mental hospital.

Azazel son of Satan 2014

The film deals with the story of Omar (Ayman Ismail), a young man who has the talent of seeing elves from his childhood, and who learned how to deal with them and control them through Sheikh Saad (Abdul Salam Al-Dahshan). He finds her in unnatural circumstances that threaten her life, as the genie Azazel has been summoned with a magic spell to wear her and make her perform terrifying and crazy behaviors. Omar succeeds with the help of Sheikh Saad in defeating Azazel and removing him from Roba’s body, using the Holy Quran

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