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A journey to the world of jinn and demons in Egyptian cinema

Egyptian cinema witnessed multiple attempts to discuss issues of other worlds and the unseen, including the world of jinn and demons. Over the course of its long history, Egyptian cinema has suffered from severe poverty in the production of these types of films, due to the high production costs, and the lack of modern technologies that allow the production of the necessary optical illusions. Despite this, many artists excelled in presenting these types of roles, sometimes comical and sometimes terrifying. So let us take you on a journey with the films that talked about jinn and demons in the history of Egyptian cinema  .

Hell's Ambassador 1945

The beginning kick to entering this complex world was for the artist Youssef Wehbe, through the events of the movie “The Ambassador of Hell”, which was classified as the oldest horror movie in Egyptian and Arab cinema, where he presented the role of the devil with a bloody face and broken teeth in his black cloak, who succeeds in controlling the A simple poor family offering them youth and money, so the husband and wife go into a life of vice and forbidden relationships, and the son gets involved in a murder.

The Demon of Ismail Yassin 1954

The movie “The Demon of Ismail Yassin” touched on the world of jinn and demons from a comic and somewhat fictional perspective, as its story revolves around Kitty, a dancer who works in a nightclub, where the owner of the club plans to kill her to obtain her life insurance policy to pay off his debts, and after Kitty’s death appears her imp or her spirit. To her friend Ismail (Ismail Yassin), and she uses him to find the killer, everyone thinks that he is the killer, and he gets into many problems, but in the end he succeeds in arresting the killer and delivers him to justice.

A date with the devil 1955

During the events of the movie “A Date with Satan”, the artist Mahmoud El-Meligy presented the role of the devil who disguises the character of a doctor named Nabil, to make a deal with Dr. Rajab (Zaki Rostom), giving him the ability to know the diseases that his patients suffer and treat them with ease, and Ragab gets wide fame And he achieves a huge fortune, until his son suffers from a rare disease, so he turns to Nabil for help, so that the devil appears as he is and asks him to believe in him, otherwise his son will die.

The magic lantern 1960

Another movie that deals with the world of the demons in a comic way, the movie “The Magic Lantern”, where the artist Mahmoud Farag appears as the sprite, “Afrkush bin Bartkoush”, who has been imprisoned for thousands of years inside a magical lantern that Mustafa Al-Furrish (Ismail Yassin) gets by chance, and after his liberation, the sprite decides He returned the favor to Mustafa by fulfilling 7 wishes for him, so some incidents occur that prevent the fulfillment of all Mustafa’s wishes, who eventually discovers that success does not need a magic lantern, but rather it needs struggle, self-reliance and not despair.

The woman who defeated Satan 1973

The movie “The Woman Who Conquered Satan” dealt with the story of Shafiqa (Neamat Mukhtar), the vengeful maid whom everyone treats harshly, including the journalist Mahmoud (Noor Al-Sharif), who loved him but did not feel her. To give him her soul after ten years, so Shafiqa turns into a beautiful millionaire, and returns to take revenge on everyone who treated her cruelly, and begins chasing the journalist who suddenly commits suicide, and Shafiqa collapses and decides to repent, and when the devil tries to remind her of the deal, she burns him with the strength of her faith.

Man and Jinn 1985

The artist Adel Imam excelled in presenting the role of a demon from the jinn called Jalal Sultan, during the events of the movie “The Humans and the Jinn”, where he appears to a young doctor named Fatima (Yousra) and tries to get close to her and marry her, and confesses to her his truth, and when she refuses to marry him, he warns her against marrying her colleague Osama (Izzat Al-Alayli), and when Fatima fails to get rid of him, she enters a psychiatric clinic and tries to commit suicide. Jalal rescues her and takes her back to the hospital. To his surprise, Osama reads the Qur’an, which makes Jalal disappear from her life.

The Exorcism 1987

After the success of the movie “Al-Anas and Al-Jinn”, actress Yousra was keen to present a similar theme through the movie “The Exorcism”, in which the artist Fouad Khalil presented the role of Satan, disguised as a businessman who seeks to buy the house of Professor Mahmoud (Mahmoud Yassin) and his wife Rawya (Yousra). Who lives with their son, the mother of the husband and his two sisters, and after the family refuses to sell the house, a series of strange events begins, such as the burning of furniture on its own and the appearance of blood in the bathroom.

Cheif Omar Harb 2008

The movie “Cheif Omar Harb” provided an implicit reference to the devil through the character of the artist Khaled Saleh, who runs a gambling casino. And when he sees the extraordinary abilities of his boss, which is represented in his ability to control the game of roulette by winning and losing, he seeks to imitate it to earn more money, he finds himself immersing himself more in the devil’s world full of a lot of theft, exploitation, revenge and forbidden sexual relations, and when Khaled tries to get out of the casino world. Fearing for his life, if his case becomes exposed, he discovers that everything that happened to him was with the knowledge and planning of Omar Harb himself, so Khaled surrenders and decides to remain under the control of Satan.

You fly 2009

The movie “You Fly” presented the world of the jinn and the goblin in a comic way, through a puck of the good jinn called Mared (Majid Al-Kadwani), who seeks to obtain a certificate stating his success in fulfilling a human’s wish so that he can graduate from school, so he appears to the veterinarian, with an introverted personality, Bahij (Ahmed Makki) and tries to help him to attract the attention of the girl he loves, by giving him different personalities, and when Baheej despairs of attempts to win the girl’s love, he decides to give the imp his signature on the success certificate. another, which eventually makes him succeed in attracting the girl’s attention and marrying her.

The Blue Elephant 2014 - 2019

The movie “The Blue Elephant” in its parts, is one of the most successful films that discussed the mysterious side of the world of jinn and demons. It tells the story of psychiatrist Yahya Rashid (Karim Abdel Aziz), who is surprised after returning to work at Abbasiya Hospital, with the involvement of his lifelong friend and classmate Sharif Al-Kurdi (Khaled Al-Sawy). ) In the case of killing his pregnant wife after raping her, Yahya discovers during the events that a genie named Nael is wearing Sharif and controlling his actions, and during the events he learns how to overcome him and can get him out of his friend’s body, so that Nael returns in the second part to inhabit the body of a woman named Farida (Hind Sabri), He makes her kill her husband and daughter, so she is deposited in the same hospital, to meet Dr. Yahya and notice the similarity of her condition with that of his friend Sharif, and succeeds at the end of the events in helping her and expelling the genie Nael from her body.

Warda 2014

The movie “Warda” presented an overview of the terrifying world of jinn and demons, as it reviews a true story that took place in an Egyptian village, through the character of the rural girl Warda (Nada Al-Alfi), who falls into a bad psychological state after the death of her father, to start some strange events in the house such as hearing the voice of Heavy knocking on the doors with sounds of distress, so her mother sought the help of one of the sheikhs who specialize in cases of demonic possession, and the Sheikh recited the Qur’an on the head of a rose, and when she was not disturbed by the Qur’an, the Sheikh made sure that the touch that hit her was not from the jinn or demons, and when a rose was alone with her mother, she told her that The one who inhabited her body is the spirit of her younger sister, Faten, who died 5 years ago, then she kills her mother and brother, so she is arrested and placed in a mental hospital.

Azazel son of Satan 2014

The film deals with the story of Omar (Ayman Ismail), a young man who has the talent of seeing elves from his childhood, and who learned how to deal with them and control them through Sheikh Saad (Abdul Salam Al-Dahshan). He finds her in unnatural circumstances that threaten her life, as the genie Azazel has been summoned with a magic spell to wear her and make her perform terrifying and crazy behaviors. Omar succeeds with the help of Sheikh Saad in defeating Azazel and removing him from Roba’s body, using the Holy Quran

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On World Friendship Day… Films that embodied the loyalty of friends in Egyptian cinema

True friendship is one of the noblest and noblest human relations, and there is no person among us who does not wish to find a true friend to share his sorrows and joys and share his memories, so in 2011 the United Nations General Assembly announced the selection of July 30 of each year to celebrate the International Day of Friendship, and not only the friendship of individuals but As well as friendship between peoples, countries and different cultures, and given the critical importance of the relationship of friendship between humans, many cinematic works have shed light on it.

Our Good Days 1955

The movie “Our Good Days” is one of the first Egyptian films that dealt with the true value of friendship between three young people who were united by poverty and shared housing on the roof of a building. We meet Ahmed (Omar Sharif), a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, who is forced to borrow money from his rich, miserly uncle, in exchange for bills that he pays after his graduation. There is Ramzy (Ahmed Ramzy), who fails his studies at the Faculty of Commerce because of his love for boxing. And finally, Ali (Abdul Halim Hafez), who studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and his wealthy uncle covets him to marry his daughter.

The three friends fall in love with Huda (Faten Hamama), an orphan girl who has moved to live on the same roof, but she tends to Ahmed because of his dignity and calmness, and agrees to marry him. Ramzy gets angry and leaves the surface, but he returns again after learning of Hoda’s disease, who has tuberculosis and needs surgery. Friends sell all their possessions and each seeks to get the necessary money in his own way, in an attempt to save their friend, who dies before the operation.

Teach Me Love 1957

The movie “Teach Me Love” presented the story of three young people who have been friends since childhood, Ghorab (Abdul Salam Al-Nabulsi), who loves his neighbor Mimi (Nelli Mazloum), the owner of the dance school. Mamdouh (Ahmed Ramzy) is a young playboy with multiple female relationships. and Sami (Saad Abdel-Wahhab), who enrolls in a girls’ school. Sami falls in love with the romantic girl Nawal (Iman) and is afraid of telling her his feelings because she is his student. Mamdouh meets Nawal by chance, as he has a working relationship with her father, and tries to make her fall in love with him, so he uses his friend Sami to write romantic letters to her. Indeed, Sami writes the most tender words, evoking the image of Nawal, which he loves so much.

Because of the tender and romantic feelings in the letters, Nawal agrees to her engagement to Mamdouh, and Sami discovers by chance that Nawal is Mamdouh’s fiancée, so he suppresses his love in his heart and blesses his friend. On his desk and making sure that he was the one who wrote her the romantic letters, she told him that she never loved Mamdouh and that she was attached to him because of his romantic letters, but Sami refuses to confess his love for her or write letters so as not to lose his friend Mamdouh, who listens to their conversation and decides to sacrifice his fiancée for his friend, stressing To him, it does not matter that they fell in love with the same girl, but the important thing is the person that Nawal loved.

Goodbye my friend 1987

The movie “Goodbye, my friend” is one of the most famous works of art that embodied the true friendship and loyalty to a friend, and the name of the movie has become a common phrase among friends to this day, as if it carries with it feelings of brotherhood and strong friendship, such as the one that brought together the film’s heroes. This work presented the story of two good friends, Marzouk (Adel Imam) and Barakat (Saeed Saleh), who work in the watermelon trade with the street vendor Duck (Sawsan Badr). . On the night of the wedding, Barakat is killed by a rival merchant, so Marzouk avenges the death of his friend by killing the competing merchant and his gang, sacrificing his future so that his friend may rest in peace.

Dantila 1998

The movie “Dantila” tells the story of the friendship of Sahar (Yousra) and Maryam (Ilham Shaheen), who are friends since childhood despite the great social difference between them. Alexandria, and residing with her friend. By chance, the two friends meet detective Lieutenant-Colonel Hossam Anbar (Mahmoud Hamida), who is keen to help the two girls, so he provides a job opportunity to stay up late in a large hotel, and helps Maryam find a suitable law firm. The two girls fall in love with Hossam, and her friend Mariam stays up late with the truth of her feelings, and Maryam refuses to marry Hossam so as not to lose her friend, and agrees to marry Wajdi (Mahmoud Qabil), a businessman, and travels with him to Canada, but she cannot forget her love for Hossam, so she asks for a divorce. She returns to Egypt to be surprised by her friend’s marriage to her lover, so she is jealous and offers the marriage to Hossam, and he agrees, and the two friends become mischievous.

Conflict and competition begins between the two friends until Sahar gets injured in an accident and is taken to the hospital, and decides to end this misery and sacrifice herself and ask for a divorce, but Hossam feels unhappy and tries to marry her secretly, but she refuses, so he asks her to enter into a relationship without marriage, and Maryam hears him and asks for a divorce too because of his selfishness The relationship between the two friends is as strong as it was.

Friends or Business Partners 2001

The events of the movie “Ashab Wala Business” revolve around Karim Nour (Mostafa Qamar) and Tariq Al-Seyoufi (Hani Salama), who work together on a satellite channel, and they have a strong friendship that extends from their university days, but jealousy runs in their hearts because of the working conditions, so lifelong friends turn into Enemies and rivals, and each of them begins to plot some small pranks in order to destroy the other. The two friends compete to win a huge advertising campaign, and at the same time the events of the Palestinian uprising erupt, the channel director chooses Tariq to shoot the advertising campaign, while he decides to send Karim to record an episode of his entertainment program in Palestine, in order to keep pace with events.

During the trip, Karim gets acquainted with the Palestinian youth Jihad (Amr Waked) and films the process of his martyrdom, but he suffers from many problems when he returns to work, as the channel director refuses to broadcast the video of the martyrdom operation that he filmed, and is suspended from work. Tariq decides to leave the differences aside and stand by his friend in his crisis, and helps him show the video and deliver the truth to the viewers. In the end, Karim returns to work in the channel, and the strong friendship between them returns and triumphs over competition and temptations.

A true friend 2002

The movie “A true friend” presented the distinguished relationship of friendship and sacrifice between its heroes despite the alienation that separated them, as events revolved around a childhood friend Osama (Mohamed Henedy), who lives with his grandfather, and Gad (Ashraf Abdel Baqi), who is the only son of an old mother. The two friends obtain a secondment to one of the Gulf countries, and they agree that one of them will remain to take care of the family, and that he will travel after the return of the other. Gad travels abroad and returns after 5 years on a short vacation, and Osama tries to prevent him from traveling again, by claiming that he has a fatal disease with no hope of treatment. And when Gad discovers the truth and gets angry with a friend of his age, Osama tells him that he did all this so that a friend of his age would not travel and be deprived of him as he was deprived of his parents before, so Gad refuses to travel again, and decides to stay by his friend’s side.

Staying up at nights 2003

The movie ” Staying up at nights 2003″ discusses the problems and secrets in the lives of four friends, Khaled (Fathi Abdel Wahab), who is proud of his wife Berry’s (Mona Zaki) infidelity. Ali (Khaled Abu al-Naga) and his wife Mushira (Jihan Fadel), who suffers from apathy in her sexual life with him. And Amr (Ahmed Helmy) and his wife Farah (Hanan Turk), who had a love affair with his friend Ali and always seeks to provoke feelings of jealousy in Ali and Mashira, by proving that her relationship with Amr is more successful and romantic. Finally, Sameh (Sherif Mounir), who prefers to remain in a love affair without marriage with his lover Inas (Ola Ghanem).

The events begin with friends gathering to celebrate the birthday of Berry and Khaled’s daughter, and after the ceremony, disputes erupt between husbands and their wives, and events escalate with them, after which the four young men decide to travel to Alexandria to enjoy their time and relive the old days. After a series of dramatic events, they feel that they are no longer reckless youth, but rather mature men, and each of them must realize his mistake and work to repair his relationship with his life partner, so that the film ends with the return of each husband to his wife, but without a clear and explicit solution to their problems, in reference to the real life that there is no It always has happy endings.

Good old days 2004

The movie “The Good Old Days” presented the relationship of childhood friends in a different and innovative way, through the story of the young girl Salma (Hanan Turk), who decides to leave the house after the death of her mother, due to her unwillingness to live with her stepfather, who discovers that she cannot communicate with him, so he asks her to stay Until sometime passes after her mother’s death. Salma agrees, who begins to receive mysterious messages, including a cassette tape of her favorite singer, Mohamed Mounir, and a picture of her with her childhood friends in the Shubra area, who separated from them when her mother married and went to live in the Maadi area.

Salma decides to visit her friends, thinking that they are behind these mysterious messages, so she goes to Shubra and meets her friends Duha (Mena Shalaby) and Yusriya (Hind Sabry). The two friends deny sending anonymous messages, but together they embark on a long and interesting journey in an attempt to find the sender of the letters. Meanwhile, Yusra’s relationship with her husband deteriorates and he divorces her, as well as Duha’s relationship with her fiancé, who decided to break off the engagement, and the friends begin to reproach Salma, who was the reason for what their lives reached after her recent appearance, but she assures them that it is not the real reason, and that she will travel abroad and will not be the reason In their troubles anymore, and they all decide to part. They each discover that while searching for the source of the letters, they find something more important, they find themselves, rearrange their papers, and restore their old friendship. In the end, Salma discovers that it was her stepfather who sent these messages in an attempt to get closer to her so that she would not leave the house, Salma’s betrothal to her neighbour, Yusra and Duha return to their first life after being completely convinced that life will not always be perfect.

Downtown Girls 2005

The movie “Downtown Girls” reviewed the friendship that developed on the subway between two poor girls who work in the downtown area, Yasmine (Mena Shalaby), who works in a hairdresser’s shop and lives on lies and illusions, and has multiple relationships with the opposite sex, and Joumana (Hind). Sabry), who works in a clothing store, loves songs and romance novels, and unlike her friend, she is very shy in dealing with the opposite sex.

The two girls meet Othman (Mohamed Najati) and Samir (Khaled Abu Al-Naga), and as usual, Yasmine lies to them and claims that she is Jumana and sings in the choir behind the singers, and that Jumana is Yasmine and works in designing clothes in the cinema, and the meetings are repeated between them and Yasmine falls in love with Samir, who is looking for a relationship Jada, unlike his reckless friend Othman, who prefers short relationships, and the girls continue to lie to them until the young people discover the truth by chance after a big dispute between Jumana and Yasmine, and soon the two friends reconcile, and Yasmine marries Samir, and she pledges with her friend to remain friends forever, and continues Their meetings are as usual in downtown cafes, and Joumana continues to search for love and a suitable husband, while Othman continues his reckless relationships.

Dearest Friends 2009

The movie “Dearest Friends” deals with the story of a group of school friends who separated due to their university studies, and each of them went on a different path due to their preoccupation with their lives and work. But they meet for the first time ten years ago, at the engagement of their girlfriend Angie (Lana Saeed), to solidify their friendship again, but after a lot of problems occurred between friends because of their different personalities from the past.

The film highlights an innocent love story that brought together since childhood Ali (Ahmed Flux) and Dina (Soma), where their feelings remained in their hearts despite their separation for many years. As well as the tense relationship between Marwa (Marwa Abdel Moneim) and her husband Muhammad (Ahmed Al-Saadani), where the wife misses the feelings of love that united them while studying, and discovers signs of marital infidelity and asks for divorce.

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Pharaonic civilization … a treasure absent from the eyes of Egyptian cinema

A civilization that survived for more than 7 thousand years, and was a key factor in the development of human civilizations throughout the ages. It transferred to the following civilizations a lot of science and knowledge, so it was necessary for the ancient Pharaonic civilization to be an excellent material covered by films in Egyptian cinema. However, unfortunatey Egyptian cinema is very poor in the production of that fertile material. It has presented only a limited number of films that talked about the history of the pharaohs, unlike international cinema, which aroused its passion for the secrets of the pharaonic civilization for many years, during which it produced more than 500 films, many of which won important prizes. In this article, we take you on an interesting journey through time, to learn about the films that monitored the greatness of the ancient Pharaonic civilization in Egyptian cinema.

Bride of the Nile 1963

The movie “Bride of the Nile” drew attention to the issue of drilling in archaeological areas to prospect for oil, through the story of geological engineer Sami Fouad (Rushdi Abaza), who travels to Luxor to follow up the excavations, and Hamis, daughter of the sun god Aten (Lubna Abdel Aziz), appears to him. She tells him that she is the last bride of the Nile and begins to chase him and turn his life to hell, demanding to stop the excavations in this area because of the tombs of the Nile brides, and a love story arises between them and they marry. The film ends with the workers finding a coffin containing the mummy of the bride of the Nile, Hamis, so Sami holds a press conference announcing this important archaeological discovery, to meet a journalist very similar to Hamis, named Nadia Hamdi, and asks her to marry.

Romance in Karnak 1967

The film “Romance in Karnak” revolves in the world of show Biz, through the character of the show dancer Salah (Mahmoud Reda), who dreams of fame, success and access to Egyptian folklore for the world. The greatness of the pharaonic history, and that this place could be the reason for the success and fame of the band due to its wide popularity. The film showed the beauty of the city of Luxor and the great monuments that characterize it, by presenting a group of dance performances using several archaeological sites, as well as a review of Queen Hatshepsut.

The Mummy 1975

The film “The Mummy” discussed the issue of theft of Egyptian antiquities. It was inspired by a true story that took place in 1871, when the Abdel-Rasoul family managed to discover the cache of the mummies of Deir el-Bahari, which included a large group of the mummies of the great kings of the Pharaohs. The film presented the story of a tribe called the Harbats, She lives in Upper Egypt and is famous for stealing and selling pharaonic antiquities, but after the death of the sheikh of the tribe, his children decide to stop stealing antiquities, so one of them is killed by his uncle, while the second succeeds in escaping and informing the archaeological mission about the location of the cemetery.

The Migrant 1994

The film “The Migrant” is the only artwork presented by Egyptian cinema and takes place entirely in the time of the ancient Egyptians. It is a film adapted from the story of our master Yusuf, as it takes place during the reign of Amenhotep III, and tells the story of Ram (Khaled Al-Nabawi), who lives with his old father in a tribe A poor woman in the desert of Egypt, Ram asks his father to immigrate to Egypt to learn agriculture, so his seven brothers accompany him on his journey, and they try to get rid of him by throwing him on a ship heading to Egypt, where the ship owner finds him and decides to sell him, and after Ram arrives in Egypt he meets a captain The armies Amihar (Mahmoud Hamida) and his wife Simhit (Yousra), who fall in love with him, which makes him withdraw to live in the land that Amihar gave him at the borders of Egypt to cultivate, and there he meets the beautiful Egyptian girl Hatti (Hanan Turk) and falls in love with her, and succeeds in reclaiming the land When a famine occurs, Ram is able to save the people with the crop he planted in the desert, and his brothers arrive in Egypt to seek help, Ram recognizes them and reveals his personality to them, takes his girlfriend and returns to his family.

The Mummy’s escape 2002

The movie “The Mummy’s Escape” dealt with the story of a group of archaeologists, Dalia (Nelly Karim), Hassan (Majid Al-Masry) and Majid (Fathi Abdel-Wahab), who discover the mummy of Ramses IV in Luxor, and Hassan tries to seize it, and a Turkish businessman Assigning an international gang to steal the mummy, because he believes that it contains the elixir of youth and health. Indeed, the coffins are exchanged and the mummy is transported to Turkey, and the International Interpol police are able to arrest the gang, and the events end with the return of the mummy to Egypt.

2008 . Paper Code

The movie “Paper Code” presented the story of the young playboy Fayez (Ahmed Fahmy), who discovers with the help of his friends Ismail (Hisham Majid) and Badir (Sheko) that his grandfather, the archaeologist, left him before his death encrypted messages that include the way to access the maps of the treasures of the civilization of Jerusalem, which were drawn by the Jews. Fleeing to Egypt so that its landmarks are not lost, Fayez is chasing an Israeli gang looking for treasure, and they fabricate a murder for the three friends and promise them a large sum of money in addition to their acquittal of the murder charge in exchange for helping the gang find the maps, the friends agree and travel to Luxor on an interesting adventure to find On the maps hidden in the ancient Pharaonic temples, but when Fayez realizes the historical importance of those maps, he refuses to hand them over to the gang. The friends turn to the police to arrest the gang, and Fayez hands the maps to the Antiquities Department, and he and his friends are acquitted of the murder.

The Treasure 2017

The movie “The Treasure” takes place in 1975, where Hassan Bishr Al-Katatni (Ahmed Hatem) returns to his family home in Luxor, after studying Egyptology in Europe. Hassan wants to sell the palace and liquidate its property in Egypt and return to where he came from, especially after the death of his uncle , but the servant surprises him that his father left him a set of papyri and video tapes that he must watch before making the decision to sell, and his father tells him in the video about the treasure in this palace, and in order to find it, he must first read these papyri that tell interesting stories that take place In different eras starting with the Pharaonic era until the reign of King Farouk, passing through the Ottoman era.

Hassan begins reading in the papyrus of the Pharaonic era, which tells the story of Queen Hatshepsut (Hind Sabri) and the difficulties that the Pharaonic Queen faced before she took the reins of power, and the struggle for power between her and the priests of Amun Ra who were strongly opposed to her sitting on the throne of Egypt for fear of her extreme intelligence And its quest to control them and limit their powers.

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On International Father’s Day… Learn about the most famous fathers in Egyptian cinema

Every year on the third Sunday in June, the world celebrates “International Father’s Day”, in recognition of the role of a father who has always symbolized strength and bond in his family. We note that there are works of art that talk about the father in Egyptian cinema, but they are very few compared to the works that talk about the mother.

This has raised the question of many viewers and critics as well, why is the celebration of the father absent from our eastern society, unlike western societies? Some attributed the reason to the fact that the mother’s role is the strongest in the Egyptian family and the eastern society in general, as she is the one who raises children, supervises their education and takes care of their health and their daily needs, in addition to managing the house and various family affairs, while the father’s role is often limited to work and saving money. In contrast to Western societies in which the father participates equally with the mother in raising and caring for the children.

But this does not prevent the existence of many films that talked about the role of the father in the life of the Egyptian family and its impact on the lives of his children, whether negatively or positively. To celebrate this day, we remember together a number of artists who played the role of the father in Egyptian cinema, in films that have been firmly established in the minds of the public for many years.

Hussein Riad

Hussein Riad appeared in the character of a kind and kind father in the movie “The Seven Girls”, where he played the role of a struggling father in his work, and he has 7 daughters who are responsible for them after the death of his wife, and each of them faces many problems, until they finally succeed in overcoming them together.

Hussein Riad also presented the role of the father in the movie “Red My Heart”, where he embodied the role of a poor father who seeks his livelihood and does not accept that his dignity or the dignity of his children be insulted. As well as in the movie “Baba Amin”, which tells the story of a family man who wants to get rich quickly to secure the future of his children, so he gives his friend all his savings to be partners in a business project.

Zaki Rostom

Zaki Rostom presented the role of the father in the movie “Me and my daughters”, whose story revolves around a widower who lives with his four daughters, but he narrows them down and prevents them from mixing or working, and when the father retires, one of the swindlers seizes his reward. The father is admitted to the hospital, and the girls are forced to go down to work to help their father and face life’s circumstances.

Zaki Rostom also presented the role of the father in the movie “My Children”, where he embodied the role of a husband whose wife dies, leaving him with three children.

Youssef Wehbe

Despite the brilliance of Youssef Wehbe in presenting serious characters, he presented the role of a light-hearted father in a comic way in the movie “Rumor of Love.” He is the helpless husband in front of his wife, but he takes a decisive position to determine the fate of his daughter, so he plots a cunning plan to marry her off his nephew. He also presented the father’s personality in a way that distinguished him from other artists through a number of works, including “Search for a Scandal”, “The Great Love” and “Dalaa Al Banat”.

Abdel Moneim Madbouly

Abdel Moneim Madbouly excelled in presenting the character of a kind, affectionate father who gives all his time to his home and his children in the movie “The Grandson”, which tells the story of a family with 7 children, and the film discusses the difficulties that the father and mother face in taking responsibility for their children. He also played the role of a conservative father who fears for his daughter from youth, so he instructs the son of one of his friends to watch over her when she goes on a trip with her friends in the movie “Fun Beach”.

He also presented the character of a strict and reserved father for his three daughters in the events of the movie “In the Summer, We Must Love”, where he goes with them to summer in the city of Alexandria, yet he forbids them to go into the sea and forces them to wear modest clothes, so the girls deceive him after he falls asleep, and they leave their room In sexy clothes to meet some young men.

Emad Hamdy

Emad Hamdi presented the role of the strong, domineering father in the movie “Sins”, whose story begins with two brothers whose father separates them in treatment, until one of them surprises that he is not his real son, but rather a bastard who adopted him from the shelter. He also presented the role of the father in one of the most famous films in the history of Egyptian cinema, the movie “My Father Over the Tree”, where he played the role of a father who is trying to save his son from getting lost in the world of nightclubs and accompanying dancers, and he falls like him in the same swamp, but the son succeeds in the end In rescuing his father from the clutches of a prostitute, they leave the nightclub and go home together.

Farid Shawqi

Farid Shawqi starred in the performance of the father’s character, as he presented it in a large number of works of art, including the movie “Ya Rab Walad”, in which he played the role of the father of three girls who marry and live with their husbands dependent on the father in the same house, and the father wishes to have a son to inherit his business. He is also the father who is surprised that his daughter is accused of a murder case, and then discovers that the real killer is her twin sister, who he thought had died while she was living with a gang and engaged in theft, as part of the events of the movie “Ah and Oh Sherbet”.

In the movie “A Man Who Lost His Mind”, Farid Shawqi played the role of a father who spends all his money on his multiple women’s relationships, which he justifies because his wife has grown old and has become neglectful and neglecting herself and only cares about her home and children, so his sons seek by all means to save the family from collapse.

Yehia Shaheen

Yahya Shaheen embodied one of the most famous roles in the history of Egyptian cinema, the character of “Si El-Sayed”, through the trilogy of films “Bain Al-Qasserine”, “Qasr Al-Shouq” and “Al-Sukaria”. his family. He also presented the role of the father in a number of films, including “Something of Fear” and “This Man I Love”.

Suleiman Najib

In most of his roles, Suleiman Najib embodied the character of a kind father who does not stand in front of his children’s wishes. In the movie “Ward El Gharam”, he is the father whose daughter refused to marry a rich man, so he spread rumors about her misbehavior, which prompted her father to file a case for honor refund to save his daughter’s reputation. He also presented the role of the rich aristocratic father in several films such as “Ghazal Al Banat”, “Miss Mama”, “The Heart has One Love” and “I am not an angel”.

Adel Emam

Adel Imam presented the character of the jealous father through the movie “A Suiter from a Security Agency”, where he dealt with an important issue, which is the father’s strong attachment to his only daughter, especially after the death of his wife, which affected her decision to marry, so he started rejecting everyone who proposed to her for fear that another man would take her From him, until his daughter put him in front of the fait accompli and married the person she loved.

He also presented the role of the father whose wife passed away and left him four children, and who treats them like a friend and not their father, through the movie “The Danish Experience”, but he reconsiders the way he deals with them, especially after he has to host a beautiful girl in his house, whom everyone falls in love with, While she prefers to bond with the father, which puts him in a confrontation with his children, and he is forced to choose between them and the girl.

Hassan Hosny

Hassan Hosni is considered one of the most famous artists who provided the role of father to the hero or heroine in many artistic works. He usually presents the role of a light-hearted father who is more of a friendship with his children than a father with his son or daughter. He is the father who succeeds in saving his daughter’s marriage from the collapse in the movie “My wife and my wife”, the crushed father in “Mido Problems” and “Zaki Chan”, the miserly father in “They made me a criminal” and the reckless father in “Romantic Beh”.

He also presented the same character in different details in several films, most notably “Oh, my aunt”, “Hamada plays”, “Abboud on the border”, “Kalm Mama”, “Habibi is sleeping”, “Eyal Habiba”, “Marriage cheating”, and others. One of the fun comedic roles.

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From the Miracle Child to Souka the idiot…Where have the most famous children in Egyptian Cinema gone?!


The participation of children in films is a big risk, despite the overwhelming success achieved by their works, and their capture of the hearts and minds of the masses with their childish features and wit, but most of these children dim their star quickly, and most of them leave the artistic community for various reasons. Rarely do we find those who continue their film career and achieve stardom state.

We often wonder about the whereabouts of these children when we see the films, they participated in. Specially after long years pass without no appearance. Thus, we gathered for you a group of the most famous children to know about them and where did each of them go.

Fayrouz, Yasmine Film

Fayrouz is the most famous child in the history of Egyptian cinema, due to her multiplicity of talents such as singing, acting and dancing, which made the audience call her “The Miracle Child”. Fayrouz’s first appearance was in the movie “Yasmine” with the megastar Anwar Wagdy, when she was 7 years old. Because of her outstanding performance, directors were not satisfied with her participation in some scenes, but she also had starring roles alongside major actors.

Fayrouz presented distinguished films such as “Lady Fayrouz”, “Dahab” and “Asafir Al Jannah, (Birds of Heaven)”. Then she was absent from the world of cinema for 4 years, to return at the age of 16, to present the movie “Ismail Yassin Tarzan”, and then participated in her last movie, “Thinking about this who never thinks of me”, and then announced her retirement from acting. She devoted herself to her family life after her marriage to the artist Badr El-Din Jamjoom, and she remained far from the artistic community until her death in January 2016 at the age of 73.

Duha Amir “life or death”

Who doesn’t remember the child “Samira” who faced difficulties to bring medicine to her sick father in the movie “Life or Death” with Emad Hamdy

The gentle girl, Duha Amir, played a few roles in films during her childhood, the most famous of which are “Get My Heart Back”, “Raya and Sakina” and “Youth of today”. Her last work was the movie “The Wife Killing Association” in 1962, after which she decided to retire and stay away from the acting scene, and to wear hijab.

Ahmed Farhat. “The Secret Cap of Concealment”

The beginning of the child Ahmed Farhat’s acting career was when he reached the age of 8 years, through the movie “Criminal on Vacation”, but his fame came from the movie “The Secret of the Cap of Concealment” with Abdel Moneim Ibrahim. The audience called him “The Eloquent of Egyptian Cinema” and “The Miracle Child” after he starred in many works of art with the mega stars.

Among his most famous films are “Love Rumor”, “The Deity of the Masses” and “Ismail Yassin in Prison”. Ahmed Farhat retired from acting and specialized in the field of telecommunications, and worked as a communications engineer in the presidential palace, during the era of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

Iman Zulfikar..Angel and Satan

Do you remember the abducted child “Sawsan” in the movie “Angel and Satan” by Rushdi Abaza, and the author of the famous phrase “Uncle Ezzat”? She is the child Iman Zulficar, who some may not know is the daughter of Maryam Fakhreddine, the film’s heroine, and her father is Mahmoud Zulficar, the film’s director, who chose her for this role because of her aristocratic features.

After that, Iman Zulficar presented some films, but they were not as strong, including “A Palace in the Air”, “Fat Cats” and “The Thief of Love”, and decided to stay away from acting after her last films, “How Sad You Are, Love” in 1980. She got married at a young age, she was 16 years old at the time.

Ikram Ezzo… the Zizi family

We remember, of course, the funny girl in the movie “Zizi’s Family”, who was nicknamed “The Witty Girl of Egyptian Cinema” because of her talkativeness and wit. She started her film career when she was less than 3 years old, in the movie “For My Love” with singer Farid Al-Atrash. Many may not know that Ikram Ezzo played the role of the artist’s son, Shadia, in her famous song “Seed Al Habayeb”, as part of the events of the movie “The Unknown Woman”.

Then she appeared with the star Ismail Yassin, in the movie “The Magical Lantern”. She acted in 23 films, most notably “The Seven Girls”, “The Thief and the Dogs” and “This Man I Love”. She retired to join the Ballet Institute, then married a paediatrician and travelled with him to the UAE, where she lived until her death in June 2001.

Dina Abdullah…”the grandson”

Dina Abdullah was famous for presenting the character of the child “Sawsan” in the movie “The Grandson” with Abdel Moneim Madbouly and Karima Mokhtar. After that, she participated in a number of films during her childhood, including the films “Amira Hobi Ana”, “The Most Difficult Passage”, “Antar, the Desert Knight” and “Forever”. She also participated in a number of TV series, including “A Bride Wanted”, “Layali Al Helmeya” and “Raafat Al-Hagan”.

Dina Abdullah went to work in media after obtaining her PHD degree, and presented a number of social programs. The last work in which she participated in the series “Layali Helmiya 6” in 2016.

Mervat Al-Aydi..the grandson

Mervat Al-Aydi also participated in the movie “The Grandson”, as the child “Hala”, who was 5 years old. She also presented many films in childhood, where she participated in 6 films, including “Life has passed”, “Watch what Sokkar is doing”, and “A Forest of Legs”. Her last acting role was her only series “Anything but the Sad Tear”.

After that, Mervat Al-Aydi decided to retire early at the age of 12, due to the pressure and exhaustion she was exposed to while trying to balance her studies with acting. She now dedicates herself to taking care of her family.

Hadeel Khairallah… the goblins

We cannot forget “Baliyah”, the funny 6-year-old girl, who hijacked the heart of the artist Amr Diab in the movie “The Goblins”, and also captured the hearts of the audience.

Hadeel Khairallah participated in a limited number of films, including “The Criminal”, “Why life”, “The Man and the Thief”, and appeared in the second part of the series “Nights of the Dream”. Hadeel’s film career also included appearing in advertisements. After that, she devoted herself to studying, graduating from the Department of Economics at the American University.

Maha Ammar..why did you make me love you

The girl Maha Ammar appeared for the first time in 2000, in the movie “Why Did I Ever Love You” with Mona Zaki and Karim Abdel Aziz. After that, she presented a few films, including “The Ladder and the Serpent”, “Haramiya in KG2” and “My Aunt France”. She also presented a TV show called “Stars in KG2”. Her last role was in the series “After Parting” in 2008.

With her wit, she managed to capture the audience’s heart, and critics expected her to be one of the comedy stars in her youth. However, Maha Ammar was satisfied with what she presented, and decided to retire from art to devote herself to studying film directing, and she currently lives in Germany.

Sarah Abdel Qader..Abu Ali

She was able to achieve great fame in the movie “Abu Ali”, although she appeared in a scene that did not exceed one minute with the star Karim Abdel Aziz. Who among us does not remember the little girl “Suka” with her shaggy hair and shabby clothes, and the famous phrase “This is how I like it”, which has been circulated in the public’s tongue to this day?

Actress Sarah Abdel Qader did not participate in any other artistic works after the movie “Abu Ali”, which was shown 16 years ago, due to the death of the casting director who used to nominate for films. Sarah stopped acting at the age of 8, and went to complete her studies in the field of tourism and hotels, and after graduating, she worked as a production supervisor in one of the major restaurants. She previously expressed her strong desire to return to acting.

Abdullah Ramadan… black honey

The audience knew him through the character of the smart child “Hamasa”, who caught the eye with his beautiful childish features and wit in the movie “Black Honey”, with the star Ahmed Helmy.

Abdullah Ramadan did not provide only that only film 11 years ago, but he also appeared in the last three parts of the series ” Wanis Family”, and then completely disappeared from the art scene. Abdullah confirmed that he wants to return to the field of acting as soon as possible, but he is currently devoting himself to his studies at the secondary level.